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What is it?

The CT River Area Health District (CRAHD) received funding from the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) and has partnered with Middlesex Hospital to coordinate a regional asthma home assessment program, Putting on AIRS, in DPH Asthma Region 5. Putting on AIRS is a program designed to target the reduction of environmental asthma triggers in your home.

Who can participate?

This program is available to residents of the CRAHD District which include: Old Saybrook, Clinton, Deep River, Haddam and Chester who suffer from asthma and/or have a child who suffers from asthma. Click for Program Brochure (English/Spanish).

In addition, the following Towns may also participate in the program: Essex, Westbrook, Killingworth, East Haddam, Durham, Middlefield, Middletown, Cromwell, Portland, East Hampton, Marlborough, Hebron and Colchester.

How much will it cost?

This program is provided at no cost to you and has been funded by the CT Department of Public Health.

What services does this program provide?

With your permission, an Asthma Educator and an Environmental Specialist will visit your home to assess the home for environmental triggers of asthma.  Specifically, the following services will be provided during the home visit:

  • The Asthma Educator will review your physician's asthma plan and medications with you.
  • The Asthma Educator will provide additional education to help you understand how to better manage your asthma.
  • The Environmental Specialist will walk through your home with you to help identify causes of asthma.
  • The Environmental Specialist will show you how to minimize the asthma triggers in your home.
  • A confidential report will be developed as part of your child's medical record to help control asthma.  This information may be shared with your health care provider, with your permission.  

How do I schedule a visit? 

If you are a community member and/or service provider and would like to make a referral please contact the Putting on AIRS Program Coordinator, Sherry Carlson at 860-661-3300 or email at scarlson@crahd.net.

For Physicians: If you would like to make a patient referral, click here to access the referral form.  

 For more information regarding Asthma, please visit the following websites and/or contact the CRAHD at (860) 661-3300.

One in 13 Americans has Asthma

     Source: CDC


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Asthma Statistics

  • Among Connecticut residents surveyed in 2014, 72,000 (9.6%) children and 257,000 (9.2%) adults suffered from asthma.  In 2014, 8.6% of US children and 7.4% of US adults had asthma.
  • Asthma is the single most avoidable cause of hospitalization, yet it is consistently one of the most common admitting diagnoses in pediatrics.
  • In 2014, Connecticut incurred over $135 million acute care charges due to asthma as a primary diagnosis.

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